Celebrities born on August 5th

Carole Laure: Famous Singer, Film Director, Film Actor, Actor, Film Producer, Musician, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Shawinigan
Birthdate: 1948-08-05
Currently 75 years old.

John Huston: Famous Character Actor, Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Writer, Film Director, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Nevada
Birthdate: 1906-08-05
Died on 1987-08-28 at the age of 81 years old.

Neil Armstrong: Famous Aerospace Engineer, Test Pilot, Engineer, United States Naval Aviator, Aircraft Pilot, Professor, and, Astronaut.
Born in: Wapakoneta
Birthdate: 1930-08-05
Died on 2012-08-25 at the age of 82 years old.

Jesse Williams: Famous Film Actor, Model, Stage Actor, Actor, Teacher, and, Television Actor.
Born in: Chicago
Birthdate: 1981-08-05
Currently 42 years old.

David Baldacci: Famous Poet Lawyer, Novelist, Screenwriter, Lawyer, Writer, and, Author.
Born in: Richmond
Birthdate: 1960-08-05
Currently 63 years old.

Jessica Nigri: Famous Model, Voice Actor, YouTuber, Cosplayer, and, Promotional Model.
Born in: Reno
Birthdate: 1989-08-05
Currently 34 years old.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva: Famous Blogger, Beauty Pageant Contestant, Actor, Model, and, Entrepreneur.
Born in: Lugano
Birthdate: 1987-08-05
Currently 36 years old.

Angry Anderson: Famous Film Actor, Stunt Performer, Television Actor, and, Singer.
Born in: Melbourne
Birthdate: 1947-08-05
Currently 76 years old.

Reginald Owen: Famous Film Actor, Stage Actor, Actor, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Hertfordshire
Birthdate: 1887-08-05
Died on 1972-11-05 at the age of 85 years old.

Conrad Potter Aiken: Famous Literary Critic, Novelist, Writer, and, Poet.
Born in: Savannah
Birthdate: 1889-08-05
Died on 1973-08-17 at the age of 84 years old.

William Kamkwamba: Famous Autobiographer, Inventor, and, Writer.
Born in: Dowa
Birthdate: 1987-08-05
Currently 36 years old.

Matthew Rankin: Famous Screenwriter, Film Director, and, Film Editor.
Born in: Winnipeg
Birthdate: 1980-08-05
Currently 43 years old.

Loni Anderson: Famous Television Actor, Film Actor, and, Voice Actor.
Born in: Saint Paul
Birthdate: 1945-08-05
Currently 78 years old.

A.G. Sulzberger: Famous Journalist, and, Director Of Publication.
Born in: Washington, D.C.
Birthdate: 1980-08-05
Currently 43 years old.

Jerry Ciccoritti: Famous Film Director, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Toronto
Birthdate: 1956-08-05
Currently 67 years old.

Jimmy Lennon, Jr.: Famous Ring Announcer.
Born in: Santa Monica
Birthdate: 1958-08-05
Currently 65 years old.

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