Baby's First Domain Name Secure your baby's online footprint

A domain name is For any tech-savvy person, it is the starting point for their online identity.

Most common domain names are already taken. Many people can share the same name. But no one in the whole world can share the same domain name.

Give you child the gift of a secure online identity, by purchasing their matching website URL now—before someone else does.

A domain name cost only around $10 per year. Such a small investment can make a huge difference. If you child does not want their own website in the future, it did not cost you much money.

Find Available Domain Names

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What are Domain Names?

Domain names define a piece of the Internet that someone owns., and are all examples of domain names. If you add a "www" in front, it is still considered the same domain name. For example, is equivelant to

By purchasing the domain name that matches your name, or the name of a loved one, you are protecting their online identity. You are taking control of a small sliver of the Internet that maps directly to your name.

What is Next?

So you bought a domain name. Now what? How do you get an actual website?

First, you do not need to create a website just yet. By paying the low yearly domain name fee, you will have secured the domain for use at any time in the future. If you really do want a website, you need web hosting. No programming skill are required. Namescheap offers simple options to get your first website up and running.

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