Celebrities born on December 11th

William Joyce: Famous Writer, Producer, Animator, Children's Writer, Illustrator, Director, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Shreveport
Birthdate: 1957-12-11
Currently 64 years old.

Pare Lorentz: Famous Film Editor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Film Director, Journalist, and, Film Critic.
Born in: Clarksburg
Birthdate: 1905-12-11
Died on 1992-03-04 at the age of 86 years old.

Hailee Steinfeld: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Singer, Actor, and, Model.
Born in: Tarzana
Birthdate: 1996-12-11
Currently 25 years old.

Ayelet Waldman: Famous Lawyer, Novelist, Writer, Journalist, and, Short Story Writer.
Born in: Jerusalem
Birthdate: 1964-12-11
Currently 57 years old.

John Kerry: Famous Diplomat, Politician, Navy Officer, and, Lawyer.
Born in: Aurora
Birthdate: 1943-12-11
Currently 78 years old.

Micky Burn: Famous Writer, Journalist, Poet, and, Military Personnel.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1912-12-11
Died on 2010-09-03 at the age of 97 years old.

Lauryn Eagle: Famous Model, Boxer, and, Water Skier.
Born in: Randwick
Birthdate: 1987-12-11
Currently 34 years old.

Ben Browder: Famous Actor, Film Actor, and, Television Actor.
Born in: Memphis
Birthdate: 1962-12-11
Currently 59 years old.

Betsy Blair: Famous Dancer, Film Actor, and, Stage Actor.
Born in: Cliffside Park
Birthdate: 1923-12-11
Died on 2009-03-13 at the age of 85 years old.

Ronald Dworkin: Famous Lawyer, Philosopher, and, University Teacher.
Born in: Worcester
Birthdate: 1931-12-11
Died on 2013-02-14 at the age of 81 years old.

Tom Hayden: Famous Politician, Political Activist, and, Author.
Born in: Detroit
Birthdate: 1939-12-11
Died on 2016-10-23 at the age of 76 years old.

Hamish Blake: Famous Actor, and, Writer.
Born in: Melbourne
Birthdate: 1981-12-11
Currently 40 years old.

Laini Taylor: Famous Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Chico
Birthdate: 1971-12-11
Currently 50 years old.

Sherrilyn Kenyon: Famous Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Columbus
Birthdate: 1965-12-11
Currently 56 years old.

Nikki Benz: Famous Glamour Model.
Born in: Mariupol
Birthdate: 1981-12-11
Currently 40 years old.

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