Celebrities born on December 13th

Steve Buscemi: Famous Television Actor, Film Director, Firefighter, Character Actor, Stage Actor, Actor, Film Producer, Television Director, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Brooklyn
Birthdate: 1957-12-13
Currently 64 years old.

Marc Connelly: Famous Journalist, Librettist, Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, and, Writer.
Born in: McKeesport
Birthdate: 1890-12-13
Died on 1980-12-21 at the age of 90 years old.

James Kyson: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Stage Actor, Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Seoul
Birthdate: 1975-12-13
Currently 46 years old.

Christopher Plummer: Famous Character Actor, Stage Actor, Voice Actor, Television Actor, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Toronto
Birthdate: 1929-12-13
Currently 92 years old.

Laurens van der Post: Famous Novelist, Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist, and, Agriculturer.
Born in: Philippolis
Birthdate: 1906-12-13
Died on 1996-12-16 at the age of 90 years old.

Sara Cox: Famous Disc Jockey, Television Presenter, Presenter, and, Journalist.
Born in: Bolton
Birthdate: 1974-12-13
Currently 47 years old.

Emma Bull: Famous Novelist, Writer, Science Fiction Writer, and, Blogger.
Born in: Torrance
Birthdate: 1954-12-13
Currently 67 years old.

Ben Bernanke: Famous Professor, Banker, Economist, and, Politician.
Born in: Augusta
Birthdate: 1953-12-13
Currently 68 years old.

Herman Cain: Famous Radio Personality, Journalist, Politician, and, Businessperson.
Born in: Memphis
Birthdate: 1945-12-13
Currently 76 years old.

Albert Austin: Famous Actor, Screenwriter, Film Director, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Birmingham
Birthdate: 1881-12-13
Died on 1953-08-17 at the age of 71 years old.

Harry Gregson-Williams: Famous Producer, Composer, and, Film Score Composer.
Born in: Sussex
Birthdate: 1961-12-13
Currently 60 years old.

Andrew Solt: Famous Producer, Film Director, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1947-12-13
Currently 74 years old.

Phillips Brooks: Famous Priest, Songwriter, and, Writer.
Born in: Boston
Birthdate: 1835-12-13
Died on 1893-01-23 at the age of 57 years old.

Norman Foster: Famous Film Director, Actor, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Richmond
Birthdate: 1903-12-13
Died on 1976-07-07 at the age of 72 years old.

Aiden Flowers: Famous Film Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Gulfport
Birthdate: 2004-12-13
Currently 17 years old.

Taylor Swift: Famous Actor, and, Singer-songwriter.
Born in: Reading
Birthdate: 1989-12-13
Currently 32 years old.

Torbjörn Tännsjö: Famous Politician, and, Philosopher.
Born in:
Birthdate: 1946-12-13
Currently 75 years old.

Maria Riva: Famous Television Actor, and, Stage Actor.
Born in: Berlin
Birthdate: 1924-12-13
Currently 97 years old.

Jack Hirschman: Famous Poet.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1933-12-13
Currently 88 years old.

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