Celebrities born on December 30th

Rudyard Kipling: Famous War Correspondent, Novelist, Author, Hymnwriter, Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist, Poet, Children's Writer, Autobiographer, and, Science Fiction Writer.
Born in: Mumbai
Birthdate: 1865-12-30
Died on 1936-01-18 at the age of 70 years old.

Patti Smith: Famous Visual Artist, Human Rights Activist, Composer, Poet, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, and, Writer.
Born in: Chicago
Birthdate: 1946-12-30
Currently 77 years old.

Douglas Coupland: Famous Sculptor, Science Fiction Writer, Screenwriter, Designer, Artist, Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Rheinmünster
Birthdate: 1961-12-30
Currently 62 years old.

S. P. Somtow: Famous Screenwriter, Writer, Science Fiction Writer, Film Director, Conductor, Novelist, and, Composer.
Born in: Bangkok
Birthdate: 1952-12-30
Currently 71 years old.

Lloyd Kaufman: Famous Screenwriter, Film Director, Actor, Composer, Film Editor, and, Film Producer.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1945-12-30
Currently 78 years old.

Davy Jones: Famous Film Actor, Singer-songwriter, Singer, Stage Actor, Actor, and, Musician.
Born in: Manchester
Birthdate: 1946-12-30
Died on 2012-02-29 at the age of 65 years old.

Kristin Kreuk: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Film Producer, Karateka, and, Actor.
Born in: Vancouver
Birthdate: 1982-12-30
Currently 41 years old.

Rodney Brooks: Famous Artificial Intelligence Researcher, Engineer, University Teacher, Roboticist, and, Computer Scientist.
Born in: Adelaide
Birthdate: 1954-12-30
Currently 69 years old.

Bjarne Stroustrup: Famous Engineer, University Teacher, Computer Scientist, Writer, and, Programmer.
Born in: Aarhus
Birthdate: 1950-12-30
Currently 73 years old.

George Newbern: Famous Actor, Voice Actor, Television Actor, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Little Rock
Birthdate: 1964-12-30
Currently 59 years old.

Bernard Barrow: Famous Film Actor, Actor, Theatre Director, and, Television Actor.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1927-12-30
Died on 1993-08-04 at the age of 65 years old.

Bo Diddley: Famous Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, and, Singer.
Born in: McComb
Birthdate: 1928-12-30
Died on 2008-06-02 at the age of 79 years old.

Isaac Marion: Famous Music Journalist, Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Seattle
Birthdate: 1981-12-30
Currently 42 years old.

Rhianna Pratchett: Famous Writer, Video Game Writer, and, Journalist.
Born in: Rowberrow
Birthdate: 1976-12-30
Currently 47 years old.

Bennett Miller: Famous Film Director, Cinematographer, and, Film Producer.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1966-12-30
Currently 57 years old.

LeBron James: Famous Basketball Player, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Akron
Birthdate: 1984-12-30
Currently 39 years old.

Dominic Burns: Famous Film Director, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Derby
Birthdate: 1983-12-30
Currently 40 years old.

Tiger Woods: Famous Golfer, and, Writer.
Born in: Cypress
Birthdate: 1975-12-30
Currently 48 years old.

Nacho Vidal: Famous Film Director, and, Actor.
Born in: Mataró
Birthdate: 1973-12-30
Currently 50 years old.

Jay Kay: Famous Singer-songwriter, and, Musician.
Born in: Stretford
Birthdate: 1969-12-30
Currently 54 years old.

Heidi Fleiss: Famous Prostitute, and, Actor.
Born in: Los Feliz
Birthdate: 1965-12-30
Currently 58 years old.

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