Celebrities born on February 10th

John Shirley: Famous Lyricist, Science Fiction Writer, Film Editor, Songwriter, Novelist, Musician, Screenwriter, and, Writer.
Born in: Houston
Birthdate: 1953-02-10
Currently 69 years old.

William Allen White: Famous Author, Screenwriter, Writer, Politician, Journalist, Newspaper Editor, and, Editor.
Born in: Emporia
Birthdate: 1868-02-10
Died on 1944-01-29 at the age of 75 years old.

Laura Dern: Famous Actor, Film Producer, Voice Actor, Television Actor, Film Director, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: 1967-02-10
Currently 55 years old.

Adrienne Clarkson: Famous Musicologist, Autobiographer, Novelist, Writer, Journalist, and, Politician.
Born in: British Hong Kong
Birthdate: 1939-02-10
Currently 83 years old.

Alexander Payne: Famous Film Producer, Screenwriter, Writer, and, Film Director.
Born in: Omaha
Birthdate: 1961-02-10
Currently 61 years old.

Harry Beaumont: Famous Film Director, Film Actor, Actor, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Abilene
Birthdate: 1888-02-10
Died on 1966-12-22 at the age of 78 years old.

Peter Allen: Famous Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, and, Musician.
Born in: Tenterfield
Birthdate: 1944-02-10
Died on 1992-06-18 at the age of 48 years old.

Jerry Goldsmith: Famous Composer, Musician, Conductor, and, Film Score Composer.
Born in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: 1929-02-10
Died on 2004-07-21 at the age of 75 years old.

Árpád Göncz: Famous Politician, Translator, Poet Lawyer, and, Writer.
Born in: Budapest
Birthdate: 1922-02-10
Died on 2015-10-06 at the age of 93 years old.

Nicholas Owen: Famous Writer, Journalist, and, Television Presenter.
Born in: Islington
Birthdate: 1947-02-10
Currently 75 years old.

John Farrow: Famous Screenwriter, Film Director, and, Navy Officer.
Born in: Sydney
Birthdate: 1904-02-10
Died on 1963-01-27 at the age of 58 years old.

Stella Adler: Famous Drama Teacher, Film Actor, and, Stage Actor.
Born in: Manhattan
Birthdate: 1901-02-10
Died on 1992-12-21 at the age of 91 years old.

Trevante Rhodes: Famous Actor, and, Athletics Competitor.
Born in: Ponchatoula
Birthdate: 1990-02-10
Currently 32 years old.

John Gilpin: Famous Actor.
Born in: Southsea
Birthdate: 1930-02-10
Died on 1983-09-05 at the age of 53 years old.

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