Celebrities born on February 22nd

Drew Barrymore: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Film Producer, Film Director, Voice Actor, Autobiographer, Actor, Writer, Model, Diplomat, and, Producer.
Born in: Culver City
Birthdate: 1975-02-22
Currently 47 years old.

Ishmael Reed: Famous Songwriter, Poet, Science Fiction Writer, Lyricist, Novelist, Writer, Journalist, and, Author.
Born in: Chattanooga
Birthdate: 1938-02-22
Currently 84 years old.

Jonathan Demme: Famous Screenwriter, Film Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Film Score Composer, Documentary Filmmaker, Film Actor, and, Film Producer.
Born in: Baldwin
Birthdate: 1944-02-22
Died on 2017-04-26 at the age of 73 years old.

James Hong: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Film Director, Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Minneapolis
Birthdate: 1929-02-22
Currently 93 years old.

Ed Boon: Famous Computer Scientist, Director, Screenwriter, Programmer, Voice Actor, and, Engineer.
Born in: Chicago
Birthdate: 1964-02-22
Currently 58 years old.

Norman Lindsay: Famous Writer, Children's Writer, Painter, Sculptor, and, Comics Artist.
Born in: Creswick
Birthdate: 1879-02-22
Died on 1969-11-21 at the age of 90 years old.

Meridel Le Sueur: Famous Children's Writer, Novelist, Historian, Essayist, and, Writer.
Born in: Iowa
Birthdate: 1900-02-22
Died on 1996-11-14 at the age of 96 years old.

Gus Sorola: Famous Organizer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Webb County
Birthdate: 1978-02-22
Currently 44 years old.

Pat Sullivan: Famous Comics Artist, Animator, Boxer, and, Film Producer.
Born in: Paddington
Birthdate: 1885-02-22
Died on 1933-02-15 at the age of 47 years old.

Sheldon Leonard: Famous Actor, Film Producer, Television Actor, and, Film Director.
Born in: Manhattan
Birthdate: 1907-02-22
Died on 1997-01-11 at the age of 89 years old.

Edward Gorey: Famous Illustrator, Puppeteer, Writer, and, Costume Designer.
Born in: Chicago
Birthdate: 1925-02-22
Died on 2000-04-15 at the age of 75 years old.

Steve Irwin: Famous Television Presenter, Zoologist, Actor, and, Journalist.
Born in: Essendon
Birthdate: 1962-02-22
Died on 2006-09-04 at the age of 44 years old.

Philip Kerr: Famous Poet Lawyer, Writer, Children's Writer, and, Science Fiction Writer.
Born in: Edinburgh
Birthdate: 1956-02-22
Died on 2018-03-23 at the age of 62 years old.

Bradley Trevor Greive: Famous Writer, Children's Writer, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Hobart
Birthdate: 1970-02-22
Currently 52 years old.

Nicole Oliver: Famous Performer, Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Ottawa
Birthdate: 1970-02-22
Currently 52 years old.

Aiden Shaw: Famous Writer, Model, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Harrow
Birthdate: 1966-02-22
Currently 56 years old.

Julie Walters: Famous Actor, Film Actor, and, Stage Actor.
Born in: Smethwick
Birthdate: 1950-02-22
Currently 72 years old.

Felice Picano: Famous Novelist, Writer, and, Publisher.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1944-02-22
Currently 78 years old.

George Jeske: Famous Actor, Screenwriter, and, Film Director.
Born in: Salt Lake City
Birthdate: 1891-02-22
Died on 1951-10-28 at the age of 60 years old.

Ted Kennedy: Famous Politician, Lawyer, and, Autobiographer.
Born in: Boston
Birthdate: 1932-02-22
Died on 2009-08-25 at the age of 77 years old.

Danielle Bregoli López: Famous Rapper, and, YouTuber.
Born in: Boynton Beach
Birthdate: 2003-02-22
Currently 19 years old.

Tracy Spiridakos: Famous Film Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Winnipeg
Birthdate: 1988-02-22
Currently 34 years old.

Paul Abbott: Famous Screenwriter, and, Television Producer.
Born in: Burnley
Birthdate: 1960-02-22
Currently 62 years old.

Rex Stewart: Famous Jazz Musician.
Born in: Philadelphia
Birthdate: 1907-02-22
Died on 1967-09-07 at the age of 60 years old.

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