Celebrities born on March 9th

Mircea Eliade: Famous Mythographer, Historian Of Religion, University Teacher, Pedagogue, Biographer, Literary Critic, Novelist, Historian, Diplomat, Essayist, Playwright, Anthropologist, Journalist, and, Philosopher.
Born in: Bucharest
Birthdate: 1907-03-09
Died on 1986-04-22 at the age of 79 years old.

John Cale: Famous Lyricist, Pianist, Experimental Musician, Autobiographer, Actor, Music Arranger, Film Score Composer, Model, Film Actor, Singer-songwriter, Television Actor, and, Record Producer.
Born in: Garnant
Birthdate: 1942-03-09
Currently 81 years old.

Matthew Gray Gubler: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Director, Film Director, Model, Producer, Screenwriter, Camera Operator, Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Las Vegas
Birthdate: 1980-03-09
Currently 43 years old.

Jean Louisa Kelly: Famous Film Actor, Television Actor, Singer, Stage Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Worcester
Birthdate: 1972-03-09
Currently 51 years old.

Jean-Marc Vallée: Famous Film Director, Actor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, and, Film Editor.
Born in: Montreal
Birthdate: 1963-03-09
Currently 60 years old.

Tamara Karsavina: Famous Music Pedagogue, Autobiographer, Ballet Dancer, and, Choreographer.
Born in: Saint Petersburg
Birthdate: 1885-03-09
Died on 1978-05-26 at the age of 93 years old.

David Garnett: Famous Painter, Novelist, Writer, and, Publisher.
Born in: Brighton
Birthdate: 1892-03-09
Died on 1981-02-17 at the age of 88 years old.

Mickey Spillane: Famous Novelist, Writer, Television Actor, and, Children's Writer.
Born in: Brooklyn
Birthdate: 1918-03-09
Died on 2006-07-17 at the age of 88 years old.

Bernard Landry: Famous Television Presenter, Lawyer, Economist, and, Politician.
Born in: Saint-Jacques
Birthdate: 1937-03-09
Died on 2018-11-06 at the age of 81 years old.

David Pogue: Famous Television Presenter, Journalist, and, Pundit.
Born in: Shaker Heights
Birthdate: 1963-03-09
Currently 60 years old.

Shashi Tharoor: Famous Diplomat, Politician, and, Writer.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1956-03-09
Currently 67 years old.

Mohed Altrad: Famous Businessperson, Rugby Union Executive, and, Writer.
Born in: Syria
Birthdate: 1948-03-09
Currently 75 years old.

Joyce Van Patten: Famous Film Actor, Stage Actor, and, Television Actor.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1934-03-09
Currently 89 years old.

Samuel Barber: Famous Composer, Musician, and, Musicologist.
Born in: West Chester
Birthdate: 1910-03-09
Died on 1981-01-23 at the age of 70 years old.

Stacey Dooley: Famous Journalist, and, Television Presenter.
Born in: Luton
Birthdate: 1987-03-09
Currently 36 years old.

Richard Quest: Famous Journalist, and, Television Presenter.
Born in: Liverpool
Birthdate: 1962-03-09
Currently 61 years old.

Thomas Schippers: Famous Conductor, and, Composer.
Born in: Portage
Birthdate: 1930-03-09
Died on 1977-12-16 at the age of 47 years old.

Bobby Fischer: Famous Chess Player, and, Writer.
Born in: Chicago
Birthdate: 1943-03-09
Died on 2008-01-17 at the age of 64 years old.

Carlos Ghosn: Famous Business Executive.
Born in: Porto Velho
Birthdate: 1954-03-09
Currently 69 years old.

David Matthews: Famous Composer.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1943-03-09
Currently 80 years old.

Malcolm Smith: Famous Motorcycle Racer.
Born in: Salt Spring Island
Birthdate: 1941-03-09
Currently 82 years old.

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