Celebrities born on May 8th

David Attenborough: Famous Presenter, Film Director, Archaeologist, Director, Actor, Biologist, Screenwriter, Autobiographer, and, Journalist.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1926-05-08
Currently 96 years old.

Enrique Iglesias: Famous Actor, Model, Musician, Producer, Composer, Singer-songwriter, and, Record Producer.
Born in: Madrid
Birthdate: 1975-05-08
Currently 47 years old.

Melissa Gilbert: Famous Film Actor, Trade Unionist, Television Actor, Stage Actor, Voice Actor, Autobiographer, and, Actor.
Born in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: 1964-05-08
Currently 58 years old.

Ricky Nelson: Famous Guitarist, Television Actor, Singer, Actor, Musician, Songwriter, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Teaneck
Birthdate: 1940-05-08
Died on 1985-12-31 at the age of 45 years old.

Don Rickles: Famous Stand-up Comedian, Television Presenter, Singer, Dancer, Comedian, Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Queens
Birthdate: 1926-05-08
Died on 2017-04-06 at the age of 90 years old.

Naomi Klein: Famous Sociologist, Economist, Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist, and, Documentary Filmmaker.
Born in: Montreal
Birthdate: 1970-05-08
Currently 52 years old.

Roberto Rossellini: Famous Playwright, Racing Automobile Driver, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Film Director, and, Actor.
Born in: Rome
Birthdate: 1906-05-08
Died on 1977-06-03 at the age of 71 years old.

Friedrich Hayek: Famous Economist, Sociologist, Political Scientist, Philosopher, University Teacher, and, Historian.
Born in: Vienna
Birthdate: 1899-05-08
Died on 1992-03-23 at the age of 92 years old.

Martha Wainwright: Famous Artist, Musician, Composer, Singer-songwriter, and, Singer.
Born in: Montreal
Birthdate: 1976-05-08
Currently 46 years old.

Roddy Doyle: Famous Academic Lecturer, Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer, and, Novelist.
Born in: Dublin
Birthdate: 1958-05-08
Currently 64 years old.

Paul Tabori: Famous Author, Screenwriter, Journalist, Psychologist, and, Translator.
Born in: Budapest
Birthdate: 1908-05-08
Died on 1974-11-09 at the age of 66 years old.

Kevin McCloud: Famous Designer, Presenter, Writer, and, Journalist.
Born in: Bedfordshire
Birthdate: 1958-05-08
Currently 64 years old.

Stephen Amell: Famous Film Actor, Actor, and, Professional Wrestler.
Born in: Toronto
Birthdate: 1981-05-08
Currently 41 years old.

Josie Maran: Famous Actor, Model, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Menlo Park
Birthdate: 1978-05-08
Currently 44 years old.

Kwame Anthony Appiah: Famous Philosopher, University Teacher, and, Novelist.
Born in: Greater London
Birthdate: 1954-05-08
Currently 68 years old.

Pat Barker: Famous Novelist, Screenwriter, and, Writer.
Born in: Thornaby-on-Tees
Birthdate: 1943-05-08
Currently 79 years old.

Augusta Jane Evans: Famous Screenwriter, Writer, and, Novelist.
Born in: Columbus
Birthdate: 1835-05-08
Died on 1909-05-09 at the age of 74 years old.

Dave Rowntree: Famous Percussionist, and, Drummer.
Born in: Colchester
Birthdate: 1964-05-08
Currently 58 years old.

Michel Gondry: Famous Screenwriter, and, Film Director.
Born in: Versailles
Birthdate: 1963-05-08
Currently 59 years old.

Ron Miller: Famous Novelist, and, Science Fiction Writer.
Born in: Minneapolis
Birthdate: 1947-05-08
Currently 75 years old.

Jonathan Dancy: Famous Philosopher, and, Epistemologist.
Born in:
Birthdate: 1946-05-08
Currently 76 years old.

Dennis DeConcini: Famous Lawyer, and, Politician.
Born in: Tucson
Birthdate: 1937-05-08
Currently 85 years old.

Ted Sorensen: Famous Lawyer, and, Writer.
Born in: Lincoln
Birthdate: 1928-05-08
Died on 2010-10-31 at the age of 82 years old.

Bernard Newman: Famous Novelist.
Born in: Ibstock
Birthdate: 1897-05-08
Died on 1968-02-19 at the age of 70 years old.

Harry S. Truman: Famous Politician.
Born in: Lamar
Birthdate: 1884-05-08
Died on 1972-12-26 at the age of 88 years old.

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