Celebrities born on November 12th

Wallace Shawn: Famous Author, Character Actor, Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer, Voice Actor, Television Actor, and, Film Actor.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1943-11-12
Currently 80 years old.

Ryan Gosling: Famous Restaurateur, Actor, Film Producer, Musician, Screenwriter, Television Actor, Film Director, and, Film Actor.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1980-11-12
Currently 43 years old.

Guy Branum: Famous Talk Show Host, Stand-up Comedian, Television Presenter, Screenwriter, Actor, Writer, and, Author.
Born in: Marysville
Birthdate: 1975-11-12
Currently 48 years old.

Naomi Wolf: Famous Activist, Feminist, Journalist, Non-fiction Writer, Political Adviser, and, Political Writer.
Born in: San Francisco
Birthdate: 1962-11-12
Currently 61 years old.

Anne Hathaway: Famous Singer, Stage Actor, Television Actor, Film Actor, and, Voice Actor.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1982-11-12
Currently 41 years old.

Neal Shusterman: Famous Science Fiction Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Writer, and, Children's Writer.
Born in: Brooklyn
Birthdate: 1962-11-12
Currently 61 years old.

Hassan Rouhani: Famous Cleric, Lawyer, Writer, Diplomat, and, Politician.
Born in: Sorkheh
Birthdate: 1948-11-12
Currently 75 years old.

Sam Lloyd: Famous Actor, Film Actor, Television Actor, and, Singer.
Born in: Weston
Birthdate: 1963-11-12
Currently 60 years old.

Grace Kelly: Famous Television Actor, Film Actor, Model, and, Actor.
Born in: Philadelphia
Birthdate: 1929-11-12
Died on 1982-09-14 at the age of 52 years old.

Richelle Mead: Famous Children's Writer, Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Michigan
Birthdate: 1976-11-12
Currently 47 years old.

Eric Nylund: Famous Science Fiction Writer, Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: 1964-11-12
Currently 59 years old.

Ernest Benach i Pascual: Famous Politician, University Teacher, and, Communicator.
Born in: Reus
Birthdate: 1959-11-12
Currently 64 years old.

Bert Williams: Famous Stage Actor, Actor, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Nassau
Birthdate: 1874-11-12
Died on 1922-03-04 at the age of 47 years old.

Sun Yat-sen: Famous Politician, Philosopher, and, Physician.
Born in: Cuiheng
Birthdate: 1866-11-12
Died on 1925-03-12 at the age of 58 years old.

Jalal Talabani: Famous Jurist, Lawyer, and, Politician.
Born in: Kelkan
Birthdate: 1933-11-12
Died on 2017-10-03 at the age of 83 years old.

Charles Manson: Famous Cult Leader, Musician, and, Criminal.
Born in: Cincinnati
Birthdate: 1934-11-12
Died on 2017-11-19 at the age of 83 years old.

Nick Palumbo: Famous Screenwriter, and, Film Director.
Born in: Washington, D.C.
Birthdate: 1970-11-12
Currently 53 years old.

Christopher Reich: Famous Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Tokyo
Birthdate: 1961-11-12
Currently 62 years old.

Jack Oakie: Famous Film Actor, and, Comedian.
Born in: Sedalia
Birthdate: 1903-11-12
Died on 1978-01-23 at the age of 74 years old.

Helen Mack: Famous Film Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Rock Island
Birthdate: 1913-11-12
Died on 1986-08-13 at the age of 72 years old.

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