Celebrities born on November 14th

Aaron Copland: Famous Musicologist, Pianist, Conductor, Jazz Musician, Choreographer, Film Score Composer, Composer, and, Music Pedagogue.
Born in: Brooklyn
Birthdate: 1900-11-14
Died on 1990-12-02 at the age of 90 years old.

Jawaharlal Nehru: Famous Barrister, Politician, Autobiographer, Lawyer, Trade Unionist, Statesperson, and, Writer.
Born in: Prayagraj
Birthdate: 1889-11-14
Died on 1964-05-27 at the age of 74 years old.

Josh Duhamel: Famous Television Actor, Film Actor, Restaurateur, Model, Actor, and, Voice Actor.
Born in: Minot
Birthdate: 1972-11-14
Currently 50 years old.

Charles, Prince of Wales: Famous Entrepreneur, Helicopter Pilot, Polo Player, Aristocrat, Writer, and, Children's Writer.
Born in: Buckingham Palace
Birthdate: 1948-11-14
Currently 74 years old.

Joseph McCarthy: Famous Usher, Lawyer, Judge, Politician, Military Officer, and, Agriculturer.
Born in: Grand Chute
Birthdate: 1908-11-14
Died on 1957-05-02 at the age of 48 years old.

Karen Armstrong: Famous University Teacher, Theologian, Islamic Studies Scholar, Historian Of Religion, and, Writer.
Born in: Worcestershire
Birthdate: 1944-11-14
Currently 78 years old.

Brian Keith: Famous Television Actor, Film Actor, Character Actor, Stage Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Bayonne
Birthdate: 1921-11-14
Died on 1997-06-24 at the age of 75 years old.

Patrick Warburton: Famous Voice Actor, Television Actor, Film Actor, and, Comedian.
Born in: Paterson
Birthdate: 1964-11-14
Currently 58 years old.

Chris Noonan: Famous Film Director, Actor, Film Producer, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Sydney
Birthdate: 1952-11-14
Currently 70 years old.

Robert Smythe Hichens: Famous Novelist, Autobiographer, Journalist, and, Science Fiction Writer.
Born in: Speldhurst
Birthdate: 1864-11-14
Died on 1950-07-20 at the age of 85 years old.

Louise Brooks: Famous Actor, Autobiographer, Dancer, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Cherryvale
Birthdate: 1906-11-14
Died on 1985-08-08 at the age of 78 years old.

Art Hodes: Famous Pianist, Television Presenter, Jazz Musician, and, Non-fiction Writer.
Born in: Mykolaiv
Birthdate: 1904-11-14
Died on 1993-03-04 at the age of 88 years old.

Russell Tovey: Famous Stage Actor, Actor, and, Playwright.
Born in: Billericay
Birthdate: 1981-11-14
Currently 41 years old.

Paul Attanasio: Famous Film Producer, Screenwriter, and, Writer.
Born in: New York City
Birthdate: 1959-11-14
Currently 63 years old.

Artur Kyshenko: Famous Kickboxer, and, Boxer.
Born in: Odessa
Birthdate: 1986-11-14
Currently 36 years old.

Vasilina Makovtseva: Famous Film Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Turukhansk
Birthdate: 1977-11-14
Currently 45 years old.

Dana Snyder: Famous Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Allentown
Birthdate: 1973-11-14
Currently 49 years old.

Margaret Stohl: Famous Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Pasadena
Birthdate: 1967-11-14
Currently 55 years old.

Bill Farmer: Famous Voice Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Pratt
Birthdate: 1952-11-14
Currently 70 years old.

Michael Dobbs: Famous Writer, and, Politician.
Born in: Cheshunt
Birthdate: 1948-11-14
Currently 74 years old.

P. J. O'Rourke: Famous Writer, and, Journalist.
Born in: Toledo
Birthdate: 1947-11-14
Currently 75 years old.

J. T. Krul: Famous Writer.
Born in:
Birthdate: 1972-11-14
Currently 50 years old.

Harrison Salisbury: Famous Journalist.
Born in: Minneapolis
Birthdate: 1908-11-14
Died on 1993-07-05 at the age of 84 years old.

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