Celebrities born on October 9th

John Lennon: Famous Film Actor, Film Producer, Film Director, Prosaist, Painter, Composer, Poet, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Record Producer, Pianist, Actor, Writer, Musician, and, Public Figure.
Born in: Liverpool
Birthdate: 1940-10-09
Died on 1980-12-08 at the age of 40 years old.

Chris O'Dowd: Famous Film Director, Film Actor, Stage Actor, Actor, Screenwriter, and, Gaelic Football Player.
Born in: Boyle
Birthdate: 1979-10-09
Currently 44 years old.

John O'Hurley: Famous Voice Actor, Actor, Stand-up Comedian, Singer, Film Producer, and, Comedian.
Born in: Kittery
Birthdate: 1954-10-09
Currently 69 years old.

Sharon Osbourne: Famous Autobiographer, Actor, Writer, Musician, Talent Agent, and, Television Presenter.
Born in: Brixton
Birthdate: 1952-10-09
Currently 71 years old.

Brian Blessed: Famous Mountaineer, Television Presenter, Film Actor, Comedian, Stage Actor, and, Actor.
Born in: Mexborough
Birthdate: 1936-10-09
Currently 87 years old.

Yusef Lateef: Famous Jazz Musician, University Teacher, Saxophonist, Non-fiction Writer, Oboist, and, Composer.
Born in: Chattanooga
Birthdate: 1920-10-09
Died on 2013-12-23 at the age of 93 years old.

Brandon Routh: Famous Film Actor, Model, Actor, Association Football Player, and, Television Actor.
Born in: Ohio
Birthdate: 1979-10-09
Currently 44 years old.

PJ Harvey: Famous Composer, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, and, Musician.
Born in: Corscombe
Birthdate: 1969-10-09
Currently 54 years old.

Guillermo del Toro: Famous Film Director, Film Actor, Novelist, Film Producer, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Guadalajara
Birthdate: 1964-10-09
Currently 59 years old.

Pete Docter: Famous Film Director, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, and, Animator.
Born in: Bloomington
Birthdate: 1968-10-09
Currently 55 years old.

John Pilger: Famous Writer, Journalist, Director, and, War Correspondent.
Born in: Sydney
Birthdate: 1939-10-09
Currently 84 years old.

Don McCullin: Famous War Photographer, Photographer, Autobiographer, and, Journalist.
Born in: Finsbury Park
Birthdate: 1935-10-09
Currently 88 years old.

Abdullah Ibrahim: Famous Composer, Jazz Musician, Saxophonist, and, Pianist.
Born in: Cape Town
Birthdate: 1934-10-09
Currently 89 years old.

Alex Greenwald: Famous Singer, Actor, and, Model.
Born in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: 1979-10-09
Currently 44 years old.

Steve McQueen: Famous Screenwriter, Film Director, and, Sculptor.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1969-10-09
Currently 54 years old.

E. Howard Hunt: Famous Novelist, Spy, and, Writer.
Born in: Hamburg
Birthdate: 1918-10-09
Died on 2007-01-23 at the age of 88 years old.

Stanley Kwan: Famous Film Director, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Hong Kong
Birthdate: 1957-10-09
Currently 66 years old.

Peter Saville: Famous Art Director, and, Graphic Designer.
Born in: Manchester
Birthdate: 1955-10-09
Currently 68 years old.

Lee Wilde: Famous Actor.
Born in: East St. Louis
Birthdate: 1922-10-09
Currently 101 years old.

Jarod Joseph: Famous Actor.
Born in: Calgary
Birthdate: 1985-10-09
Currently 38 years old.

David Cameron: Famous Politician.
Born in: London
Birthdate: 1966-10-09
Currently 57 years old.

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