Celebrities born on September 18th

Jada Pinkett Smith: Famous Composer, Film Actor, Singer-songwriter, Businessperson, Television Actor, Singer, Film Producer, Director, Film Director, Voice Actor, Actor, Writer, Musician, Producer, and, Songwriter.
Born in: Baltimore
Birthdate: 1971-09-18
Currently 50 years old.

Nick Jonas: Famous Pianist, Actor, Composer, Film Actor, Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Television Actor, Singer, and, Stage Actor.
Born in: Dallas
Birthdate: 1992-09-18
Currently 29 years old.

Anna Deavere Smith: Famous Stage Actor, Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer, University Teacher, Television Actor, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Baltimore
Birthdate: 1950-09-18
Currently 71 years old.

Lord Berners: Famous Painter, Novelist, Film Score Composer, Composer, Writer, Politician, and, Autobiographer.
Born in: Apley Hall
Birthdate: 1883-09-18
Died on 1950-04-19 at the age of 66 years old.

Jason Sudeikis: Famous Voice Actor, Television Actor, Film Actor, Comedian, Actor, and, Screenwriter.
Born in: Fairfax
Birthdate: 1975-09-18
Currently 46 years old.

Gary Russell: Famous Editor, Film Actor, Novelist, Child Actor, Journalist, and, Science Fiction Writer.
Born in: Maidenhead
Birthdate: 1963-09-18
Currently 58 years old.

Steven Pinker: Famous Philosopher, Psychologist, Anthropologist, University Teacher, Linguist, and, Writer.
Born in: Montreal
Birthdate: 1954-09-18
Currently 67 years old.

Ben Carson: Famous Surgeon, Author, Neurosurgeon, Politician, Psychologist, and, University Teacher.
Born in: Detroit
Birthdate: 1951-09-18
Currently 70 years old.

Lance Armstrong: Famous Sport Cyclist, Podcaster, Autobiographer, and, Triathlete.
Born in: Plano
Birthdate: 1971-09-18
Currently 50 years old.

Sarah Waters: Famous University Teacher, Literary Scholar, Novelist, and, Writer.
Born in: Neyland
Birthdate: 1966-09-18
Currently 55 years old.

Agnes de Mille: Famous Ballet Dancer, Choreographer, Dancer, and, Ballet Master.
Born in: Harlem
Birthdate: 1905-09-18
Died on 1993-10-07 at the age of 88 years old.

Dee Dee Ramone: Famous Bassist, Musician, Rapper, and, Songwriter.
Born in: Fort Lee
Birthdate: 1951-09-18
Died on 2002-06-05 at the age of 50 years old.

Jack Cardiff: Famous Film Director, Cinematographer, Actor, and, Photographer.
Born in: Great Yarmouth
Birthdate: 1914-09-18
Died on 2009-04-22 at the age of 94 years old.

Luísa Sobral: Famous Composer, Singer, and, Musician.
Born in: Lisbon
Birthdate: 1987-09-18
Currently 34 years old.

Adam Cohen: Famous Singer-songwriter, Singer, and, Writer.
Born in: Montreal
Birthdate: 1972-09-18
Currently 49 years old.

Leon Askin: Famous Stage Actor, Screenwriter, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Vienna
Birthdate: 1907-09-18
Died on 2005-06-03 at the age of 97 years old.

Patrick Schwarzenegger: Famous Model, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Los Angeles
Birthdate: 1993-09-18
Currently 28 years old.

Charity Wakefield: Famous Film Actor, and, Stage Actor.
Born in: Royal Tunbridge Wells
Birthdate: 1980-09-18
Currently 41 years old.

2face Idibia: Famous Songwriter, and, Singer.
Born in: Jos
Birthdate: 1976-09-18
Currently 45 years old.

Greta Garbo: Famous Actor, and, Film Actor.
Born in: Stockholm
Birthdate: 1905-09-18
Died on 1990-04-15 at the age of 84 years old.

Joe Kubert: Famous Comics Artist, and, Teacher.
Born in: Lower Silesian Voivodeship
Birthdate: 1926-09-18
Died on 2012-08-12 at the age of 85 years old.

June Foray: Famous Actor, and, Voice Actor.
Born in: Springfield
Birthdate: 1917-09-18
Died on 2017-07-26 at the age of 99 years old.

James Gandolfini: Famous Actor.
Born in: Westwood
Birthdate: 1961-09-18
Died on 2013-06-19 at the age of 51 years old.

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