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Ruby - july Birthstone

Value Birth Stone Powers Stone
Low: $1000 USD
Per Carat
High: $3000 USD
Per Carat
Hightened awarness
Symbol of
enduring love
40th Anniversary

Ruby Summary

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Ruby, the birthstone of July, is an illustrious deep red stone. Ranging in color from blood read to flirty pink, this stone has captured the awe of on lookers since the dawn of time. Radiating energy and beauty, this stone is effective at increasing sexual desires and helps the wearer and their partner overcome sexual dysfunction. Ruby's name is derived from the Latin word 'Red'. The gemstone, although very rare, can be found in many places across the globe. Common deposits of the stone include USA, India, Mexico, Russia, Kenya and several other countries.

Not only does the stone offer an other worldly beauty, it also radiates powerful energies which it accumulated during the stones creation. The stone is formed deep inside the earth with extreme heat and pressure. It slowly radiates these energies, giving the Wearer of the stone increased energy, heightened awareness, courage, and several more sensual energies.

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