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Sapphire - september Birthstone

Value Birth Stone Powers Stone
Low: $40 USD
Per Carat
High: $200 USD
Per Carat
Protect from Envy
Protect from Harm
purity and
5th Anniversary
45th Anniversary
65th Anniver

Sapphire Summary

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Birthstone of September, the Sapphire is an illustrious deep blue stone rich in color, history, and lure. Known for being a precious stone of loyalty, nobility, and wisdom. It is said the Sapphire helps focus the mind, channel inner potential, and promote self control and discipline. Although best know for it's deep blue color, the stone actually comes in a wide variety of shades, including yellow, violet, green and several others (except red sapphires which are classified as a ruby's).

It's believed that Sapphires both preserve chastity, and also help the wearer discover fraud, protect from poisons and help mental acuity and the psychic ability. Also, ancient societies claimed the gem stone would stimulate the Third eye Charka, and the throat. Allowing the wearer to achieve a deeper level of consciousness, making the wearer at peace with oneself.

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