Friday March 27th, 2009
March Twenty-Seventh, Two-Thousand Nine

How old am I if I was born on March 27, 2009?

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Date Facts:

  • March 27, 2009 was a Friday
  • Zodiac Sign for this date is: Aries
  • This date was 5,589 days ago
  • March 27th 2025 is on a Thursday
  • Someone born on this date is 15 years old
  • If you were born on this date:

  • You've slept for 1,863 days or 5 years!
  • Your next birthday is 255 days away
  • You've been alive for 134,136 hours
  • You were born on a Friday in late March
  • You are 8,048,160 minutes old
  • Your next birthday is on a Thursday

  • Most popular baby names of 2009 ranked:

    Rank Name
    1. Jacob
    2. Ethan
    3. Michael
    4. Alexander
    5. William
    6. Joshua
    7. Daniel
    Rank Name
    1. Emma
    2. Olivia
    3. Sophia
    4. Ava
    5. Emily
    6. Madison
    7. Abigail

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    Celebrities Birthdays:
    March 27th

    You Share a birthday with over 18 other celebrities and/or famous people! Click Here to view our complete list. Who do you share a birthday with?

    Aquamarine: Birthstone for March 27th, 2009




    High Value:
    $2000 Per Carat
    Low Value:
    $500 Per Carat

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    The Aquamarine is the birthstone for people born in March. Aquamarine, meaning "water of the sea" is derived from the Latin word "seawater", or "aqua marina". Traditionally a stone of the sea. Originally believed to be treasure of mermaids, the Aquamarine embodies the seas itself. Granting the powers of cleansing, soothing, and also calming. Often used by sailors for safe passage, the aquamarine grants the wearer safety with all traveling down over, or near water.

    Ancient Romans believed the gem stone would help promote peace, and convert enemies and foe to allies. It was believed to reawaken love in married couples, and grant invulnerability to soldiers.

    2009 - Generation Z:

    Age Range:

    14-28 years old


    Generation Z is often reffered to as post-millennials, the iGeneration, or Homeland Generation.

    Generation Z Summary:

    Generation Z was born in the late 1990's through 2010. The first generation born with easy access to internet, and are often associated with being tethered to technology.

    Time Period:


    Like to see more about Generations? Click here to go to our interactive generations table.

    Zodiac - Aries:


    Aries Traits:


    Aries Summary:

    Aries are courageous and independent, enjoy leading others and being excitment into lives of loved ones

    Start Date:


    End Date:


    Click here to see more about Aries

    2009-03-27: This day in History:

  • 1512-03-27 Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon sights Fla
  • 1625-03-27 Charles I King of England Scotland & Ireland ascends to throne
  • 1794-03-27 Pres Washington & Congress creates US Navy
  • 1802-03-27 Pallas (asteroid) discovered by Heinrich Olbers
  • 1807-03-27 Vesta (asteroid) discovered by OLbers
  • 1836-03-27 1st Mormon temple dedicated in Kirtland Ohio
  • 1855-03-27 Abraham Gesner receives a patent for kerosene
  • 1860-03-27 ML Byrn patents corkscrew (NY)
  • 1912-03-27 1st Japanese cherry trees planted in Wash DC
  • 1917-03-27 Seattle Metropolitans 1st US team to win Stanley Cup beat Canadiens
  • 1933-03-27 Farm Credit Administration (US) authorized
  • 1945-03-27 Gen Eisenhower declared German defenses on Western Front broken
  • 1958-03-27 Khrushchev became Soviet premier & 1st sect of Communist Party
  • 1964-03-27 Earthquake strikes Alaska - 8.4 on Richter scale - 100 die
  • 1968-03-27 Japanese Trade & Cultural Center (Japan Center) dedicated
  • 1968-03-27 Yuri Gagarin - 1st man to orbit Earth & Seryogin died in a plane crash
  • 1972-03-27 Venera 8 launched to Venus
  • 1977-03-27 582 die in aviation's worst disaster KLM 747-Pan Am 747 crash
  • 1977-03-27 Diana Hyland dies at 40
  • 1980-03-27 Mt. St. Helens becomes active after 123 years
  • 1986-03-27 Disney-MGM Studio Tour groundbreaking

  • 3-27-2009 in
    Roman Numerals:


    What is 2009-03-27 converted to roman numerals? Above is the date 3-27-2009 converted into roman numerals.
    The above date is written in the traditional western/American style of writing dates. Formatted in the order of
    Month-Day-Year. If you prefer the European way of writing dates (Which is day-month-year) the roman numerals would be written XXVII • III • MMIX.

    Next Birthday Countdown:

    Countdown timer for Mar 27, 2025:

    The above timer is a countdown clock for your next birthday! (Assuming you were born on 2009-03-27) This timer is automatically updated, and is accurate all the way up to the nearest second. Watch as your next birthday ticks closer and closer right before your eyes. If you were born on 27-march-2009, your next birthday is only 255 days away.

    Your birthday is on March twenty-seventh, 2009. Being born in late-March says a lot about you. Your zodiac sign is aries, your birth-stone is the Aquamarine, and your birth flower is the Daffodil (both of which make great gifts for someone with this birthday). You are 15 years old, and were born in the middle of Generation Z. Which generation you are born into makes a huge impact on your life, click here to see our interactive table and learn more. You have been alive for 5589 days, or 134136 hours, or 8048160 minutes! Your next birthday which is in 2025, is on a Thursday.

  • Birthstone: Aquamarine (great gift idea, see Aquamarine article)
  • Birthflower: Daffodil
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries

  • Your
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